10% Thursday for the Alabama Environmental Council with pop-up store

10% Thursday fundraiser for the Alabama Environmental Council.  10% of sales from 5PM until midnight will benefit this organization.  The side room will be open for AEC members with a bartender on duty at 6PM.  Earth Creations will have a pop-up store of sustainable hemp and organic cotton clothing with 20% of sales to benefit the AEC as well.



We believe all Alabamians have a right to a clean and safe environment.  Our goal is to empower citizens to help make that right a reality for each of us.  The AEC gives voice to citizens & groups interested in protecting our rights.  We focus our efforts toward sustainable living by reducing our impact on global warming; expanding our work in recycling; and growing education and environmental literacy efforts across our state.

AEC originally served as an initiator and clearing-house for environmental issues in the state and continues to participate in a now larger environmental movement.  We are proud of the role we have had in shaping the movement in the past and are excited about continued participation in the future.