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10% Tuesday for Growing Kings

10% Tuesday for Growing Kings.  10% of sales from 5PM until midnight will benefit this organization.

Growing Kings is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides mentoring programs to at-risk males in Birmingham City Schools.  Our goal is to offer positive direction that will lead toward progressive thinking in all aspects of our students’ lives. We differentiate ourselves from other mentoring services by utilizing non-traditional methods to reach young men.

Our Mission

To encourage and facilitate the critical thinking and positive attitudes of underserved male youth through systemic and targeted enrichment, research, and advocacy. By strictly adhering to our statement of value, “Building Stronger Men Everyday,” we position ourselves to become the catalyst for necessary, positive change and stand as the eminent exemplar of communal support and development.

Our Vision

Growing Kings, Inc. aims to become a nationally recognized organization that will rebuild and transform misguided young males into powerful men of abundance. We will be the change that we want to see in the world by providing young men with essential life tools that will allow them to become successful in their own endeavors, as well as be a leader for others and their communities.

Our Story

Since our inception in 2009, we have developed a theory of change based on heavily researched and effective mentoring techniques, as well as  our own program experiences.

  • We believe our work is very important to the young men we impact. We look to serve as a supplement to our schools, as a means to further enhance our students educational, emotional, and social experiences.
  • We believe in implementing culturally relevant, structured curricula based on the needs and maturity of our students.
  • We believe long-term engagements and consistent contact will produce longer lasting effects on our students.
  • We believe in developing partnerships with community leaders and organizations to ensure sustainable mentor pipelines.

Our partnerships with community businesses, organizations, and leaders is a key differentiating factor to our program delivery methods. Through these partnerships, students are provided a hands-on, first-person perspective into the professional lives and successes of our mentors. The varied backgrounds and experiences of our mentors provide them with an unmatched ability to communicate effectively and sincerely with the young male students, all while avoiding condescending pitfalls.