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10% Tuesday for Kid One Transport

10% Tuesday for Kid One Transport.  10% of sales from 5PM until midnight will benefit this organization.

Since 1997, Kid One has been fulfilling this mission as the only 501 (c) (3) nonprofit of its kind in the state of Alabama and one of only a handful of nonprofit transportation providers targeting children in the U.S.

In every community throughout this state there is a great need for safe, reliable transportation for children and expectant mothers to their medical appointments. Mass transit is often not a resource in rural areas.  In many cases, even families in rural areas that possess a vehicle cannot make long distance trips to specialized care.

Similarly, families living in and around major cities cannot access much needed health care services for their children due to the unreliability and limited reach of mass transit systems. For all of these families, Kid One is the bridge across this transportation gap.

Ultimately, we seek to expand into every county within the state of Alabama. While there is much work to be done to reach this goal, we are confident that it can and must be done for the sake of our state’s children.