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10% Tuesday for Shovanda Hollins's Medical Bills

10% Tuesday for Shovanda Hollins's Medical Bills.  10% of sales from 5PM until midnight will benefit Shovanda.

Shovanda is Reginald Woods' daughter.  You may know Reggie, our security guard at Rojo.  Here is Shovanda's story

My name is Shovanda Hollins and since I was 15yrs of age I have dealt with Diabetes and Heart Disease a total now of 20+ years. Over the past 3 years I have had two procedures on my heart in which my next step would be open heart surgery as well as 4 major surgeries on my eyes. Since 2011 I have been dealing with kidney disease and have to go to dialysis 3 days a week for treatment. I have recently became available to be put on the kidney transplant list in which I know is expensive just the medicines alone. I need help to have the money for my medicines which for a month total up to be $5,500.00. If called for a kidney I must be able to get to Nashville, pay for lodging for a week, and any other things that at that time my insurance may not pay for while in Tennessee. I'm asking that if I can get the help to raise the money needed it would be very much appreciated and if anyone has experience kidney failure having to go to dialysis they would understand. I recently have went Blind and now battling that as well which has been hard for me going from independent to totally dependent. I pray each and everyday that God continue to strengthen me.   

Go Fund Me: Shovanda Hollins