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10% Tuesday: Magic City Agriculture Project

10% Tuesday:  Magic City AgricultureProject.  10% of sales from 5PM until midnight will benefit this organization.

Magic City Agriculture Project's mission is to engage in value-based community organizing to reweave the threads of the community, develop sustainable urban agriculture as a solution for economic and food justice, and to dismantle racism.

Values and Vision:
The idea that underpins our project, Just Sustainability, encompasses the values of community empowerment, anti-racism, economic justice, and ecological wisdom. This means that all of our projects and community organizing are conscious of racial and class dynamics and seek to remedy those inequities. Actively listening to the needs of the community harbors the empowerment necessary to root out these injustices. This is our role. In addition to engaging in value-based organizing, we believe that our communities can amass power and economic opportunity through constructing an alternative food system and creating access to their own means of production. Our projects not only recognize the remarkable damage corporate agriculture has wrought on the land, but seek to rectify those damages through alternative production systems.