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10% Tuesday for the Willie J. Perry Foundation

10% Tuesday for the Willie J. Perry Foundation and their Wheels of Change program that refurbishes vehicles to donate to families in need.  This organization is named for the great Willie Perry, known as the Birmingham Batman, who provided rides for people in need. 


10% of sales from 5PM until close will benefit this organization.

Current Missions

As Willie did himself with “The Rescue Ship”, the Willie J. Perry Foundation not only wants to help people get literally back on the road, but also get back on “The Road of Life” with our current missions:

The Wheels of Change:

Willie certainly knew the importance of education and having a good job. This program receives donated automobiles, repairs them, and then presents them to single parents who do not have any transportation so that they can attend school and have a job themselves.

Other Missions:

The Community Education Program

This program conducts monthly workshops to support individuals in need to work towards a greater good. We understand the importance of educating individuals for the future and our goal is to help them obtain an education which will give them the knowledge and skills necessary to improve their lives and their communities.

The Caring People Making a Difference

This program has many exciting avenues, including Community Meals, Single Parent’s Children Assistance, Medical Transportation for Young Mothers, and Senior Services.

My Brother – Sister Keeper Program

This program helps individuals in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships and marriages, keeping two as one.


More info about Willie Perry: