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10% Tuesday for Red Mountain Park

10% Tuesday for Red Mountain Park.  10% of sales from 5PM until midnight will go to benefit this park and programs that help our community. 

Our Common Ground

Alabamian’s roots run deep in red dirt. Red Mountain Park understands the value of this land as the pivotal resource for Birmingham’s beginning, and—until now—an untapped resource for our modern city.

This land marks the spot where Birmingham began, where all men—no matter their race—worked side by side toward one common goal. This is the land where a common purpose was shared, where miners worked hard to take care of their families, to help the men working at their sides, to contribute to our growing city. On this mountain, men mined for more than iron ore. They mined for equality. And they found a connection in the mountain’s red dirt: their common ground.

For more than 50 years, though, Red Mountain has divided the communities of Birmingham—black and white, poor and wealthy.

Red Mountain Park changes that. The Park reminds us of our common past and our common purpose. The Park invites us all to explore who we are. This is the land where the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute can bring high school students to study nonviolent movements, where a women’s cycling team can train for a national competition, where members of the Lakeshore Foundation can break in the innovative off-road Nomad wheelchairs, where a young boy can overcome his fear of heights as he ziplines through the forest, or where a young couple can get engaged after a long hike as they overlook the city.

Red Mountain Park empowers each of us to reclaim this land. Red Mountain Park is our common ground.